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Roland HD1 V-Drums Lite Drum Kit

Perfect For Home, For Music Schools Or In The Studio

The Elegant New Drum Kit For All

Roland V-Drums are the most popular electronic drums worldwide, but not everyone has the room or the money for a normally-positioned drum kit. Heres were the new Roland HD-1 comes into play. It is based on the famous V-Drums technology its use is very simple. Moreover, it is thanks to the newly developed pedal, cushioned tom pads and snare mesh coat that its extremely quiet. The cables to the pads are placed in the stand. The HD-1 is extremely compact and elegant - perfect for home, for music schools or in the studio. For easy assembly and transport most of the HD-1 components are mounted directly to the tripod. Just take the HD-1 drum set out of the box and play!

The Main Features Include:

Easy to set up and operate
Compact and stylish
Excellent sound quality
10 drum kit programs
10 Preview Programs
built-in metronome
MIDI OUT connector

Small Price - Great Performance

It may look small, but sound and performance of the HD-1 are of impressive size. Thanks to years of advanced know-how from Roland, this is a compact kit, a drummers dream - whether beginner or professional.

Fun And Games

The HD-1 has an external input for CD players, iPods  and other devices. Play your favorite songs, the balance can be adjusted between the input music and your playing.

A Neighbor-Friendly Drum Set

The HD-1 is the ideal for making music at home. Thanks to the extremely low-noise design, you can play without disturbing the neighbors.

Optional Accessories

PM-01 Personal Drum Monitor
DAP-1 V-Drums Accessory Package
DM-1 V-Drums Mat

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