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Roland Fantom-G8 - Live-Workstation

Roland Fantom-G8 - Live-Workstation

Widescreen Color LCD
Supernatural Expansion Slots
New MIDI / audio sequencer
USB host and USB MIDI / Audio
Professional Piano Keyboard

[Main Features]

The WAVE-ROM has been doubled compared to the previous Fantom X (256 MB). Also integrated into the internal sound engine is a selection of sounds from the famous Roland SRX expansion boards.

Can expand the internal sound library with up to two ARX expansion boards with the new supernatural technology. The ARX boards are separate sound modules with its own graphical user interface and independent polyphony.

The editing of the sounds of the ARX expansion boards via graphical icons and are very easy to perform.

The new toggle for sound (Patch Remain) is a revolution: In the live mode, up to 8 sounds can be switched simultaneously including their effects without the previously played sounds and effects canceled.

The Fantom G8 (the 88-key version) makes the new PHA-II keyboard (Progressive Hammer Action) with ivory and ebony-like surface coating for an ideal feel.

The effect section for each part is available (up to 22 simultaneously) so that the parts donít have to share any effects.

The new Pitch Bender mode allows completely new ways of playing the sounds in conjunction with the pitch bend lever. This can be for example Guitar playing sounds very natural and control in the pitch. An example of several options: Only the last played note (ie the top note of a chord) is altered in pitch, the other notes remain unchanged.

The new sequencer (up to 1 million notes!) Combined MIDI and audio tracks in a menu. Up to 128 MIDI tracks and 24 audio tracks can be used for compositions and arrangements.

Over 8 sliders and 4 rotary control, various parameters in direct access to change quickly. This includes control of the internal digital mixer for the recorded tracks of the sequencer.

The Dynamic pads (with aftertouch) are multi-functional and can be used not only for playing sounds and patterns, but also for the silencing of sequencing parts and the numerical range of sound programs.

A CD with the USB MIDI driver and a VSTi-compatible Editor software is  attached.

Additional accessories are available: the KS-G8 Stand.