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Black And White Keys On A Piano - What Are The White Notes Called?

The first thing you need to study before playing the piano is the piano notes. What are they called? A common piano keyboard has 88 keys on it including the black notes. The first notes to learn are the white notes, but how do go about memorizing the names of all those white notes.

Whatever keyboard you are using, the easiest way to memorize the note names is not to look at the entire keyboard but at just one segment of the keyboard, because there are only seven white notes names to learn. after you have learned what these notes are called you will know what every white note on a keyboard is called.

So here are the seven white notes you need to learn. C, D, E, F, G, A and B. Certain teachers would rather introduce these letters alphabetically, that is starting with A rather than C. This is just a preference, I prefer to start on C because when you start to play the piano C, is going to be a central reference note and most beginners wont even play A on there first lesson, were as C will be an important first lesson note.

Now you know the notes, you need to know were they are on the piano. The best way to learn this is to look at a piano or a keyboard, if you donít have a keyboard, find a picture of one on the internet. Now, just look at the keyboard carefully and you will see sets of two black notes and sets of three black notes. Look at a set of two black notes first. Starting with the black note on the left, notice a white note to its immediate left this note is called C, the white note to its immediate right is called D, and this is also between the two black notes. Finally, the white note to the right of the second black note is called E. So all the notes in this section of two black notes starting at the left are called C, D and E. All the sets of two black notes on a keyboard are exactly the same, as are the notes within those sets. In fact, the only difference at all between these sets is the pitch of the notes, which only needs a brief mention here.

To find the other four notes we need to look at the three black note sections. Again, looking the keyboard you will notice lots of three black notes sets, just pick one, it doesnít matter which one. Now use the same principle we used with the two black note section to find the notes. The first white note to the immediate left of the first black note is called F, then G, A and B. This completes all seven notes. It wont take long for you to memorize the notes, and remember when you start learning you will only use one part of the piano, usually the middle part of the keyboard.

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