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Introducing The Ketron Audya 4 Sound Module And Audya 5 Arranger Keyboard

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Okay its time for an update. Since this page was first published the Ketron Audya has been released and so has the Yamaha Tyros 4. The Audya range now includes the Audya 4 which is a sound module and the Audya 5, which is a 61 note version of the original Audya which is a 76 note arranger

Audya 4 Sound Module

Access 32 MIDI Channels Via 2 MIDI In Connections

The Ketron Audya 4 MIDI sound module is the same spec as the Audya 5 but without the keyboard. This module can also be used with a computer using USB and of course connection to youíre keyboards using MIDI connections. There are two MIDI ins which means to can take advantage of the Audyas 32 MIDI channels.

Audya 4 Front Panel

Audya 4 User Assignable Buttons

The front panel has a large TFT display. The picture above shows 17 Volume sliders for the arranger, voice, wave, MP3, vocalizer and master controls. Above the slider are the styles and voice selection plus navigation buttons surrounding the TFT display. Many of the buttons are user assignable which is extremely useful as there are a lot of menus to access on this machine so assign a button to a page or function you use a lot will useful.

Audya 4 Back Panel

Audya 4 Back Panel Connections

The back panel from left to right has 6 outputs, 2 audio line in inputs a sustain and volume pedal input, MIDI in 1 and 2, MIDI through, MIDI out, USB connection and a video interface.

Audya 5 Front and Back Panel

Audya 5 front panel

Audya 5 Back Panel

Audya 5 Drum Section

Audya 5 drum sectionI have managed to play an Audya briefly and the sounds are just brilliant especially the drums and the arranger sounds which have a human quality which is difficult to describe, you have to listen to the actual keyboard to appreciate it. The operational side of this keyboard is a little fiddly and not as straightforward as say a Tyros but once you know where everything is it gets easier to access menus and operation controls.

Audya Riff Function

This keyboard also uses the Riff function used on the Ketron SD5 although this is only available on styles with (R) after the style name. I love the Riff function, again you have to listen to this but basically when you want to play a solo just turn the Riff function on and the arranger section takes over and plays chords based on what youíve just played and it turns in to one brilliant jam session with all instruments in the accompaniment section constantly changing and evolving while you are playing your solo on the right part of the keyboard. I love this keyboard. Anyway, Iím going to have a go at the Tyros 4 and Iíll update this page when I have more info