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Alesis  SR16 Drum Machine Review

As one of the most popular drum machines used by both composers, studio owners for the simple reason: the 233 great-sounding natural sounds.. Through the Dynamic Articulation feature, it is possible to actually play the static sample as a function of velocity with realistic sound changes (pitch, volume and tone).

The 50 preset patterns that were located in the instrument played by real drummers and unquantized stored in the device.

For each pattern, there are built-in variations, and fill-ins to create complete arrangements. Of course, your own patterns, fills and variations can be created and stored.

The SR 16 is fully MIDI controllable, supports the connection of a footswitch, flexible and easy to program and has 12 velocity-sensitive pads. With the simplicity of the creative process is optimally supported. Arranging complete drum parts for a song is done in a few minutes.

The SR16 drum machine is the best partner in the studio and on stage.


Studio 233 drum and percussion sounds, with bass drums, snares, toms, cymbals and hi-hats
50 Presetpattern by top studio drummers - recorded
Rhythmic variations and drum fills
100 memory locations for own songs
12 velocity-sensitive pads
4 audio outputs, Start / Stop footswitch
Full MIDI implementation for working with sequencers and MIDI controllers

BOSS: DR-880 - Dr. Rhythm

High-End Drum Machine With Guitar Effects

Laptops and sequencers are now providing musicians with drum machines and samples: When practicing, composing, and sampling these devices offer a fast and uncomplicated way of producing very good sounding drums!

Now it the turn of  BOSS for the ultimate modern drum machine: In addition to all the best sounds of the current SRX boards and 500 preset patterns of all styles of music stands out above all the new lightning-fast programming concept in which all single strokes entered, Kick/Snare-, ghost notes and hihat figures are combined!

Other features include internal effects, plus guitar amp modeling, single outputs, USB port MIDI interface, digital output etc. makes the DR-880 for an unbeatable companion for all musicians!

[Main Features]

440 best drum sounds and 40 best clear bass sounds in demand from SRX boards and new software

Highly simplified EZ Compose programming concept: Lightning-fast selection and combination of ready-kick / snare figures, hihat figures, ghost note figures, bass lines and fills - no time-consuming programming of individual drum beats
Groove Modify for realistic grooves that were programmed in a conventional manner.

Easy entry of chords for the bass pattern

100 multi-effect patches with amp-modeling (50 Preset, 50 User) for electric and acoustic guitar & bass

1000 Patterns (500 Preset, 500 User)
200 drum kits (100 Preset, 100 user)

USB port with complete MIDI Interface, MIDI file import of possible drum tracks
2 individual outputs, plus a normal stereo out plus digital output
dedicated guitar input, a special output for guitar amp

4 footswitches can be connected (or even expression pedal for volume / wah / etc.)
Completely hands-free control of the song cycle by the foot switch possible

TSC = Total Sound Control = global effects for the drum set (3-band EQ, Ambience)
Other specific effects for snare, kick, etc. (Compressor, EQ)
4 Favorite button for lightning-fast access to the most songs / patterns / effects