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  • Digital Software Downloads
    Download educational software to your computer. Secure ordering and money back guarantees.
  •  Foreign Language Software
    Download Foreign Language Software including Spanish courses, French, Italian, German and Japanese.
  •  Keyboards Lessons
    Learn what every white note on a piano keyboard is called with my easy to memorise method. Learn how to read musical notation using easy to remember phrases and much more..
  • Drum Machine Reviews
    The SR 16 is fully MIDI controllable, supports the connection of a footswitch, flexible and easy to program and has 12 velocity-sensitive pads.
  •  Roland HD1 V-Drums Lite Drum Kit
    The cables to the Roland HD1 pads are placed in the stand. The HD-1 is extremely compact and elegant - perfect for home
  • Hottest Items On eBay
    Find the most popular selling musical instruments on eBay. On this page you will see the hottest, most watched items for sale every day.
  •  Hot Electronic Keyboards
    Get in first and find the hottest electronic keyboards selling on eBay. Only the most popular items are shown for sale
  •  Most Popular Grand Pianos
    Find the most popular grand pianos for sale on eBay today. These are the most watched pianos for sale on eBay.
  • How To Buy Keyboard Musical Instruments on eBay
    I hear people saying that Yamaha are the best or Korg is the way to go, it doesn’t matter, if a keyboard has what you want and is in your price range and will fit in your house without being tripped over then it doesn’t matter what make it is.
  • Musical Instruments Info
    Find articles, info and links for the most popular musical instruments available
  •  Buying Electronic Keyboards
    Get a few tips on the best electronic keyboard to buy for yourself or your children
  •   Casio Keyboard: A Good Choice
    Read our review of Casio keyboards and pianos. Find out more about Casio power adaptors and stands
  •   Electronic Keyboards Review
    Read our in depth review about what electronic keyboards you should buy and what features you can expect to see on new and used keyboards for under a hundred pounds.
  •   Yamaha Keyboard Or Yamaha Electone
    The arranger keyboard market continues to flourish, especially with keyboards such as the Yamaha Tyros, Korg PA-1X and the Roland G70.
  •  Electric Guitar Brands
    Find information about popular brands of electric guitars including Fender, Ibanez and Gibson.
  •  Epiphone Guitars
    The Beatles also used Epiphones acoustic guitars. Paul McCartney favored the Epiphone Texan acoustic guitar and it was used to record the epic track Yesterday. McCartney still uses Texans to this day.
  •  Ketron Audya 4 Sound Module
    The Ketron Audya 4 MIDI sound module is the same spec as the Audya 5 but without the keyboard. This module can also be used with a computer using USB and of course connection to you’re keyboards using MIDI connections.
  •  Music Memorabilia Collectors
    To get hold of very popular memorabilia and if done accurately if can be both lucrative and enjoyable..
  •  Roland Fantom-G8 - Live-Workstation
    The new Pitch Bender mode allows completely new ways of playing the sounds in conjunction with the pitch bend lever. This can be for example Guitar playing sounds very natural and control in the pitch
  •  Teach Yourself Piano
    Learn to play the piano fast with online piano lessons. Top piano courses include Learn And master Piano and Pianoforall.
  •   An Inexpensive Way To Learn To Play The Pianoforte
    Find out how the Inexpensive Way To Learn To Play The Piano with online piano lessons and piano software
  •   Learning To Play The Piano
    Read how to start learning to play the piano. Buy piano software courses and programs and see our list of used electric pianos
  •   Learning To Play The Piano Just Got Easier
    Find out how easy it is to use piano software to learn to play the piano
  •   Piano Notes
    If you are thinking of taking piano lessons then read this short tutorial first. Find out the names of the white keys on a piano keyboard.
  •  The Perfect Acoustic Guitar
    Whether you are looking to buy new, or replace an old acoustic guitar, the first thing you should always bear in mind is that no other materials should be used to make an acoustic guitar apart from than dried wood.
  • Popular Songbooks
    Find the most popular piano sheet music titles here at Mikes Musical Instrument Shop.
  •  ABBA
    These easy piano arrangements, with song lyrics and chord symbols, complete with song background notes and playing hints and tips, will enable you to easily and quickly learn and perform these fabulous songs! Including: Dancing Queen; Fernando; Knowing Me, Knowing You; Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen.
  •  Amy Winehouse
    Buy The Amy Winehouse Story (Paperback). Author Nick Johnstone unravels the life and career of one of Britains most brilliant and troubled stars.
  •  Britney Spears
    All the songs from Ms Spears fourth album, including her duets with Madonna and the Ying Yang Twins, plus two extra bonus tracks. Arranged at intermediate standard for piano with full vocal lines, lyrics and guitar chord boxes.
  •  Fleetwood Mac
    For the first time in print, this book includes the lyrics and chords to all of Fleetwood Macs greatest hits! Including Albatross and Dreams
  •  Maria Carey
    40 of the pop divas biggest smash hits, including: Always Be My Baby, Cant Let Go, Dreamlover, Emotions, Hero, Love Takes Time, Loverboy, One Sweet Day, Vision of Love, Whenever You Call, and more!
  •  Rolling Stones
    Find the best of the Rolling Stones sheet music for piano, keyboard and organ.
  •  Songbooks_2
    Find the most popular easy piano sheet music for piano, keyboard and organ.
  •  Songbooks_3
    Browse through our popular Sheet Music For Piano at Mikes Musical Instrument Shop.
  •  Stevie Wonder
    Learn the trademark keyboard styles of one of the most influential artists in pop, soul and R&B. A step by step breakdown of Stevie Wonders playing style and technique with full band and backing tracks on the CD.
  • Roland Atelier Videos
    See and hear the Roland Ateleir Organ in action. Mike Shaw plays Star Trek The Motion Picture Theme on the Roland Atelier AT80R organ.

  • Store Pages
  • Brass Instruments
    Buy second hand brass instruments including bugles, cornets, trumpets. Also french horn, trombones and flugel horns.
  •  Cornet
    Cornet for sale, buy besson and yamaha B flat Cornets. Buy a used Geneva 28 Pro Cornet.
  •  French Horn
    Alexander French Horn for sale, buy Yamaha, Paxman and Holton French Horns.
  •  Trombone
    Rath Trombone for sale, buy Blessing and King Trombones
  •  Trumpet
    Used Trumpets for sale, buy pocket and piccolo Trumpets
  • Clarinet/Oboe/Woodwind
    Woodwind for sale, buy Woodwind instruments including clarinet, oboes and saxophones. Rico Reeds available for your woodwinds.
  • Consumer Electronics
    Find TV Video and Audio items plus the latest must have gadgets, mobile phones and tablets
  •  HD Televisions
    Large selection of HD televisions from Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Philips
  • Drum Kits and Percussion
    Drum kits for sale including Roland V Drums and triggers plus drum kits available from Pearl, Yamaha, Premier, DW, Yamaha electronic, Sonar, Ludwig, Gretsch, Mapex, Tama and Pacific drums.
  • Guitars For Sale
    Buy new and used guitars and accessories including capos, effects pedals and strings.
  •  Acoustic Guitars
    Buy acoustic guitars popular makes include alverez, fender, gibson, takamine and yamaha. Buy a childs guitar, childrens guitars are available in half size or kids size, quarter size.
  •   12 String
    12 String Guitars for sale, buy Eko, Guild, Nevada and Ashton 12 String Guitars.
  •   Alvarez
    Alvarez Acoustic Guitars for sale, buy Alvarez RD8, MD60, Travel and Folk Guitars.
  •   Crafter Acoustic
    Crafter Acoustic guitars for sale, buy Crafter TM-035 Acoustic Guitar. Find a cheap Crafter Lite-D CD guitar
  •   Encore Acoustic
    Encore Acoustic Guitar for sale, buy Encore Dreadnought, Classic and CEA255 Acoustic Guitars
  •   Epiphone
    Epiphone Guitars for sale, buy Epiphone les Paul, Shearaton and casino Jumbo Guitars
  •   Falcon Acoustic
    Falcon Acoustic Guitars for sale, buy Falcon Redburst, Blueburst and FG100 Acoustic Guitars
  •   Fender
    Fender acoustic guitars for sale, buy Fender CD60, Sonoran, Squier and CD Guitars.
  •   Gibson Guitars
    Gibson Acoustic Guitars for sale, buy Gibson J45, Firebird and Hummingbird Guitars
  •   Hudson Acoustic
    Hudson Acoustic guitars for sale, buy Hudson Acoustic, jumbo, HD1 and Resonator guitars
  •   Ibanez Acoustic Guitars
    Ibanez Acoustic Guitars for sale, buy Ibanez AW and classical Guitars
  •   Johnson Guitars
    Johnson acoustic Guitars for sale, buy Johnson Carolina and Recording King Guitars
  •   Martin Acoustic Guitars
    Martin Acoustic Guitars for sale, buy Martin DM, D28 and D16GT Acoustic Guitars
  •   Ovation
    Ovation Applause for sale, buy Elite Guitars and Ovation Custom Legend 1869
  •   Takamine
    Takamine acoustic guitars for sale, buy takamine eg 5403 acoustic guitar
  •   Tanglewood
    Tanglewood acoustic guitars for sale, buy Tanglewood 12 string, TW28, TW1000 and TW55 guitars
  •   Taylor
    Taylor acoustic guitars for sale, buy Taylor Big baby, Dreadnought and XXRS guitars
  •   Washburn
    Washburn acoustic guitars for sale, buy Washburn D10S, D46S and 12 String Guitars.
  •   Wesley
    Wesley guitars for sale, buy Wesley Acoustic, Acrylic and gothic guitars.
  •   Yamaha
    Yamaha acoustic guitars for sale, buy Yamaha F310, FG, APX 500 and CPX guitars.
  •  Bass Guitars
    Buy new and used bass guitars including Squier Vintage modified jazz bass.
  •  Electric Guitar
    Buy electric guitars, popular searches are dean, encore, jackson, rickenbacker and vintage.
  •   Aria
    Aria electric guitars for sale, buy Aria Pro, Mac, PE and Excel guitars.
  •   BC Rich
    BC Rich electric guitars for sale, buy used BC Rich Eagle, Mockingbird and Warlock guitars
  •   Burns
    Burns Electric guitars for sale, buy Burns Sonic, Bison, Marquee and Cobra guitars
  •   Cort
    Cort electric guitars for sale, buy Cort EVL, M600, M200, G200 and X6 guitars.
  •   Crafter
    Crafter electric guitars for sale, buy Crafter Cruiser, Super Strat and CJ 400 guitars.
  •   Danelectro
    Danelectro electric guitars for sale, buy DC 59, Pro 56 and Dano 63 Danelectro guitars.
  •   Dean
    Dean electric guitars for sale, buy Dean Dixie Rebel, Razorback and Dimebag guitars.
  •   Electric Guitar Packages
    Electric Guitar Packages for sale, buy starter, junior and childrens Electric Guitar Packages.
  •   Encore
    Encore electric guitars for sale, buy Encore P29B guitar
  •   Epiphone
    Epiphone electric guitars for sale, buy Epiphone Les Paul Limited Edition Guitars.
  •   ESP
    ESP electric guitars for sale, buy ESP LTD, GL and Viper guitars. Find a bargain ESP LTD MH-1000 Guitar with EMG pickups.
  •   Fender
    Fender electric guitars for sale, buy Fender stratocaster, telecaster and squire guitars.
  •   Fernandes
    Fernandes electric guitars for sale, buy Fernandes Dragonfly, Elite and Revolver guitars.
  •   Gibson
    Gibson electric guitars for sale, buy Gibson SG, LP, Custom and Firebird Guitars. Find a bargain Gibson Les Paul- Ltd edition with custom pickups
  •   Godin
    Godin electric guitars for sale, buy used Godin Solidac, Multiac and SD electric guitars.
  •   Gordon Smith
    Gordon Smith electric guitars for sale, buy Gordon Smith GS1, GS1.5 and GS 2 guitars. Find a used Gordon Smith Gypsy electric guitar
  •   Gould
    Gould electric guitars for sale, buy Gould Strat, Les Paul, ST and EVH guitars.
  •   Gretsch
    Gretsch Electric Guitars for sale, buy Gretsch G7690 Super Gretsch.
  •   Guild
    Guild Electric Guitars for sale, buy Guild X and Guild S guitars. Find a bargain Guild X-170 electric guitar.
  •   Hofner
    Hofner electric guitars for sale, buy Hofner Shorty, Club 40 and Club 60 guitars
  •   Hohner
    Hohner electric guitars for sale, buy Hohner Steinberger, Rockwood and Junior guitars.
  •   Ibanez
    Ibanez electric guitar for sale, buy Ibanez Roadster, Roadstar and Jem guitars. Find a used Rare Ibanez Jcrg-21b Midi
  •   Jackson
    Jackson electric guitars for sale, buy Jackson DXMG, Randy Rhodes and Dinky Guitars
  •   Musicman
    Musicman electric guitars for sale, buy Musicman Axis Sport, Super Sport and Ernie Ball guitars
  •   Peavey
    Peavey electric guitars for sale, buy Peavey Generation, Custom and EVH guitars.
  •   PRS Electric Guitars
    PRS electric guitars for sale, buy PRS Santana, Soapbar and Mccarty guitars
  •   Richwood
    Richwood Electric Guitars for sale, buy Richwood Les Paul Tree of Life guitar
  •   Rickenbacker
    Rickenbacker guitars for sale, buy Rickenbacker 325 and 330 electric guitars with Vintage Toasters pick ups
  •   Shine
    Shine electric guitars for sale, buy Shine Telecaster, V Style and SIL 510 guitars
  •   Stagg
    Stagg electric guitars for sale, buy Stagg left handed guitars.
  •   Tokai
    Tokai electric guitars for sale, buy Tokai Les Paul Replica, Love Rock, Firebird and Goldstar guitars.
  •   Vintage
    Vintage electric guitras for sale, buy Vintage Advance, Columbus and Metal Axxe guitars
  •   Washburn
    Washburn Electric guitars for sale, buy Washburn Idol and Nick Cantanese Guitars
  •   Westfield
    Westfield electric guitars for sale, buy Westfield E1000, E2000, E4000 and SG guitars
  •   Yamaha
    Yamaha electric guitars for sale, buy Yamaha Pacifica, SG, SGV and Custom guitars.
  •  Electro-Acoustic Guitars
    Electro-Acoustic Guitars for sale, buy Yamaha, Cort and Lindo Electro-Acoustic Guitars and cutaway guitars.
  •  Left-Handed Guitars
    Left Handed Guitars for sale, buy lefty and South paw guitars
  • Harmonicas
    Buy new and used harmonicas including blues, chromatic, hohner and Lee Oskar
  • Keyboard/ Piano And Organ
    Here you can browse and buy a large selection of electric pianos, music keyboards, accordions and organs.
  •  Accordion/ Concertina
    Accordions and Concertinas for sale, buy Hohner, Weltmeister and Button Accordions.
  •  Electronic Keyboards
    Keyboard sale today includes Technics keyboards, Yamaha pianos and keyboards and musical keyboards for beginners
  •   Casio Keyboards/Pianos
    Buy new and used WK Casio, piano privia, piano electronic and keyboards at Mikes Musical Instrument Shop.
  •   Ketron
    Buy ketron keyboards, popular searches include audya, sd5, sd1 and pedalboards
  •   Korg
    Korg keyboards available, new and used. popular models include pa800, pa1x pro and triton.
  •   Philip Rees
    Philip Rees Midi Merge and Midi Thru Units
  •   Roland
    Buy your Roland Keyboards, modules and MIDI contollers including the popular JV,XV and Fantom models. Also available CME UF5 Midi Controller Keyboard
  •    Roland Organs
    Roland organs for sale on eBay including Roland Atelier organs and the new Atelier Combo AT 350C portable organ
  •    Roland XV 5080
    The Roland XV 5080 is one of Rolands best ever sound modules. The XV 5080 has 32 MIDI channels and is also a sample player.
  •   Roll Up Pianos
    Roll up piano keyboards for sale, buy Roll Up flexible USB and Illuminated keyboard synthesizers
  •   Technics
    Find Technics portable keyboards for sale including KN 5000, 6000 and KN7000 keyboards. Buy bargain SX keyboards
  •   Yamaha Keyboards For Sale
    We have a selection of Yamaha Keyboards and Music Keyboards For Sale
  •  Electronic Organ
    Browse through our range of hammond, yamaha and technics organs. Buy a bargain Roland Atelier organ
  •  Upright and Grand Pianos
    Upright and Grand Pianos for sale, buy used Upright Eungblut & Eungblut Pianos
  •   Electric Pianos
    Electric Pianos for sale, buy new and used Casio, Chase, Kawai and Fender Rhodes Electric Pianos Keyboards at Mikes Musical Instrument Shop.
  •   Grand Pianos
    Grand Pianos for sale, buy Baby Grand, Concert and Digital Grand Pianos from Steinway and Yamaha.
  •   Upright Pianos
    Upright Pianos for sale, buy Upright Challen, Kemble, Danemann and Zender Pianos
  • Pro Audio and Synthesisers
    Pro Audio/ Equipment for sale, including amplifiers, microphones, synthesisers and PA Systems.
  •  Amplifiers
    Guitar and Keyboard Amplifiers for sale, buy power and cooled Amplifiers
  •   Bass Amplifier
    Bass guitar amps for sale, buy Trace Elliot, Ampeg and Markbass amplifiers.
  •   Guitar
    Guitar amplifiers for sale, buy Fender, Vox, Valve and Marshall Guitar amps.
  •   Keyboard
    Keyboard amps for sale, buy Roland, Carlsbro and Peavey Keyboard amps.
  •   Power Amplifiers
    Power Amplifiers for sale, buy dynaudio acoustic dca650 power amplifier. Find new and used Dynacord and audioPro power amps.
  •  Drum Machines
    Drum Machines for sale, buy new and used Zoom Ryhthmtrack, Boss and Roland TR Drum Machines.
  •  Microphones
    Microphones for sale, buy Condenser, Wireless, Dynamic and Drum Microphones
  •  Midi Controllers
    Midi Controllers for sale, buy Emu, M Audio, Edirol and Korg MicroKontrol Midi Controllers
  •  Mixers/ Mixer Accessories
    Mixing Consoles for sale, buy Soundcraft, Numark and Mackie audio mixers
  •  PA Systems
    PA Systems for sale, buy Alto, Meridian and HK Audio PA Systems.
  •  Pro Audio Rack Equipment
    Pro Audio Rack Equipment for sale, buy Effects, reverb and power conditioner modules and racks.
  •  Recorders/ Rewriters
    Dat and CD Recorders for sale, buy Zoom, Tascam and Fostex Recorders/ Rewriters.
  •  Samplers/ Sampler Accessories
    Samplers for sale, buy Akai, Roland, Korg and Emu Samplers
  •  Sequencers
    MIDI Sequencers for sale, buy Yamaha, Roland and Akai Sequencers
  •  Sound Modules/ Grooveboxes
    Sound Modules, Grooveboxes and MIDI Sequencers for sale, buy Yamaha, Roland, Korg and Ketron Sound Modules/ Grooveboxes.
  •  Speakers
    Speakers for sale, buy Peavy, Samson Live and Stasys Speakers. Also available Class D speakers.
  •  Stylophones
    Stylophones for sale, buy original, Rolf Harris, Dubreq, Retro Stylophones
  •  Synthesizers
    Synthesizers for sale, buy Korg, Roland, Yamaha and Moog Synthesizers. Buy Akai samples.
  • Stands/Metronomes
    Buy music cases, metronomes and music stands
  •  Metronomes
    Metronomes for sale, buy Wittner, Korg, Yamaha and Cherub digital and wooden Metronomes.
  • String/Ukulele/Banjo and Harp
    Buy violins and other stringed instruments and accessories here.
  •  Banjo
    Buy five string and four string banjos plus accessories including string, straps, pegs and capos. Buy Barnes And Mullins, Hudson and Richwood Banjos.
  •  Cello
    Buy full size, three quarter, half and quarter size cellos. Buy new and used Stentor and Student Cellos.
  •  Double Bass
    Double Bass for sale, buy Jazz and Electric Double Bass. Buy upright bass strings.
  •  Mandolin
    Mandolins for sale, buy Samick Greg, Ozark and Bluegrass Mandolins. Buy Mandolin strings and straps.
  •  Ukulele
    Ukuleles for sale, buy new and used Hudson, Mahalo and EleUke Ukuleles. Also available soprano and tenor ukulele.
  •  Viola
    Buy new and used violas, cases, music, cases and strings. Buy Markneukirchen, Stentor and W Fendt Violas.
  •  Violin
    Buy violins, electric violins and accessories including cases, bows and rosin. Scroetter and Archetto and old violins available.