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Alesis DM5 High Sample Rate Drum Module

8MB Sound ROM for 548 sounds with bass drums, snares, toms, cymbals and hi-hats and Special Effects

21 programmable drum sets, each with 61 sounds

12 fast trigger inputs with adjustable trigger parameters

4 independent output jack

full MIDI implementation makes working with sequencers and MIDI controllers

For drummers and composers alike, the DM5 offers professional features and an excellent selection of drum, percussion and special effect sounds, which give, some with effects and sampled in stereo, each production the necessary groove. Over 540 drum sounds that take into account all current and traditional music style, located in 21, are individually adjustable drum sets.

Through the Expanded Dynamic Articulation from Alesis, the pitch, volume, and the sound of a drum sounds are influenced by velocity, almost like real drums. The random sample feautures it creates too static drum grooves to life.

About twelve trigger inputs with a very fast trigger-to-MIDI converter trigger pads and microphones are connected. Pro trigger input are five parameters are varied.

To complete the DM5 with 4 audio outputs and MIDI connection Trio.

The DM5 is ideal for studio applications (or Replacing drum programming), for recording sessions and live applications.

Practice Quietly At Home - Fun On The Stage

The DM5 Electronic Drum Kit is a four-part, easy to build electronic drum kit, which works in conjunction with the DM5 Drum Sound Module. Five velocity-sensitive pads (one of which is used in conjunction with the included foot controller as a hi-hat), two Natural Motion Cymbal, a kick drum pedal, a drum rack and all necessary connection cable is available as a complete package Skt.

To complete the drum kit with the proven DM5 Drum module which every drummer, regardless of whether it beginner or professional, to practice quietly via headphones and use his electronic drum set on stage.

Expand your drum kit

So that everyone can adjust the DM5 Electronic Drum drum kit to his needs and his style of play, extra drum pads and Cymbal are available. You can use optional extra pads for toms and snare drums and triggering further with other pelvic Cymbal Sounds of the DM5 sound module. Please contact your Alesis dealer, the additional pads keeps you ready.


DM5 sound module with 540 drum / percussion sounds and 21 pre-built drum / percussion sets in a 19 / 1U device

All sounds are recorded in stereo with ambient effects in 48 kHz

Dynamic Articulation feature enables the dynamic control of the DM5s drum sounds (volume, sound and pitch) of the velocity

Random Sample function breathes new life monotonous tracks because the sound is realistic in the game varies

Five pads (snare, kick, toms between a pad and foot controller for open / closed hi-hat)

Natural Motion Cymbal for Ride and Crash Cymbal