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Piano/Keyboards Lessons

Learn To Play Piano, Keyboard Or Organ With My Beginners Piano Course

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Learn what every white note on a piano keyboard
is called with my easy to memorise method

Learn how to read musical notation

using easy to remember phrases

You will learn what a staff is
what a treble clef is
bars and bar lines

You will learn about timing
and note values

Learn to read and play your first piece of music
with your right hand

You will receive my personal top three recommendations
for piano courses to take you to the next level

A 30 day money back guarantee
if you are not happy with this course

Easy to follow text

12 photographs

25 illustrations

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Learn How to Play with step-by-step piano lessons

Supported by video and audio files. Rocket Piano is organized into 3 high quality books taking you on a journey from beginner to advanced in your gospel piano playing.

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