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Peter Nuttall: The Guitarist's Way Book 1 £4.95

This series is designed primarily for those who are taking their first steps in playing the guitar, either in small groups or as individuals. It is assumed that there will be a teacher to give appropriate individual guidance, including how to hold and tune the guitar.

Absolute Beginners: Guitar Book One £8.95

The Absolute Beginners course has been designed to tell you everything you need to know from the very first time you pick up your instrument. With this superb book you get a comprehensive guitar course featuring step-by-step pictures which take you from first day exercises to playing along with backing tracks.

Peter Nuttall: The Guitarist's Way Book 2 £4.95

This book moves into new areas of technique and musicianship, while reinforcing the skills learned in Book 1. We discover quavers, dotted rhythms and two-note chords, as well as sharps, flats and naturals. The remaining bass notes are introduced through a series of caerfully graded melodies. We then move on to a few higher notes, combined wuth some simple position changing.

Debbie Cracknell: Enjoy Playing The Guitar Book 1 £8.25

This tutor is intended to provide suitable material for children beginning the classical (or Spanish) guitar either in groups or as individuals. It is not intended as a self tutor and should be used in conjunction with a teacher. Tests, space for own compositions, and a practise register are included in the teaching material, which takes the pupil sowly over the first problems of note reading and technique.

The Complete Guitar Player Course Pack £24.95

The World's Bestselling Book & CD Guitar Method in a Pack! Based on the music of The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan and many others, The Complete Guitar Player is the world's bestselling guitar method. This special new pack contains all the material from tutor books one and two, and songbook one, plus their accompanying CDs, a chord chart and capo.

Absolute Beginners: Guitar Book Two £8.95

Build on your basic skills with this useful package. If you've completed Book One or already have some basic guitar skills, this is definitely the book for you. Practical advice and skill building for all players, with example photographs and a CD of demonstration tracks and full-length accompaniments to play along with.

Progressive Guitar Method For Young Beginners Book 1 £8.95

A carefully graded, lesson-by-lesson learning method for the younger student using very easy arrangements of over 20 favourite children's songs. Introduces five notes and four easy chord shapes. Beautifully illustrated throughout with full colour.


Aura Lee
Austrian Waltz
Beautiful Brown Eyes
Boating Song
Girls And Boys Come Out To Play
Go Tell Aunt Nancy
Good Evening Friends
Hot Cross Buns
In The Light Of The Moon
Lightly Row
Little Bo Peep
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Oats And Beans
Ode To Joy
Roses From The South
The Banks Of The Ohio
The Cuckoo
The Mexican Hat Dance
When The Saints Go Marching In

Peter Nuttall: The Guitarist's Way Book 4 £4.95

Here we introduce some new and interesting rhythms, continue to develop left and right hand techniques, and explore a wider range of keys and musical styles. There is also opportunity for more expressive playing in some of the higher positions. The range of musical styles includes blues, south american and spanish music.