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In todays internet world its become very stress-free to get hold of very popular memorabilia and if done accurately if can be both lucrative and enjoyable. Just browsing through some of the listing can be an shock, particularly when you see some of the incredible prices people are asking for rare memorabilia.

If you are a beginner you need to tread carefully, particularly if you are interested in genuine items owned by prominent musicians and singers. You need to verify that the items you are interested in are the real McCoy and its up to you to assure yourself that what you are considering buying with your hard earned cash is indeed the real McCoy.

I still find it incredible that I can find practically anything with a quick search on the internet. I think possibly the younger individuals reading this take the internet for granted, as its constantly been there for them, but I have bought memorabilia in the past, before the internet days and it involved trawling through music stores, auctions and second hand shops. In fact, what use to take weeks and months now takes seconds, literally.

Expensive memorabilia can sometimes be attributed to the age of the music artist but they have to have been very prominent in their time. A good example would be Elvis Presley. The Presley estate is still making millions of dollars a year with not only sales of records and albums but with memorabilia and products such as photos, posters and t-shirts. The expensive kit would be items like Elvis Presleys guitar or piano or his outfits or his jewellery, in fact everything that Elvis touched.

Theres is an obvious certainty that, if you are going to have possession of and handle a piece of memorabilia that was once owned and touched by mega stars such as Elvis, The Beatles and Beethoven, then its going to cost you a small fortune, but Im sure that if its the actual object, then its a safe outlay.

So if you want to get on your way collecting memorabilia try websites like eBay and search for your favourite artists. You will surely find bits and pieces like key rings, t-shirts and photos, which are not exactly memorabilia, but its a beginning and in fact, its enjoyable too.

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