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Korg MicroKorg Synthesizer Vocoder

With 37 keys and 128 storage locations microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder represents the perfect instrument for live musicians at an affordable price. The microKORG offers the same build and sound quality as other KORG instruments, which cost considerably more.

The high performance synthesis on the microKORG uses the same DSP synthesis as the Korg MS2000B and contains 2 oscillators, which can create many more waveform shaping. There are 71 different oscillator settings including the classic waveforms such as saw tooth, pulse wave, sine and noise, in addition, new settings such as Vox Wave and CROSS Wave.

If that wasn’t enough you can change the waveform even further using the Korg DWGS waveforms. Using these new shaping tools you can produce piano, guitar, percussion and bells sounds and create brand new tones with the help of a ring modulator and the onboard oscillators.

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