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Buying Electronic Keyboards

If you are a novice or you are going to get a keyboard for your family, then you need not pay out a fortune to get yourself a tremendous quality, seriously featured midi keyboard. For a second-hand learners portable electronic keyboard, anything up to fifty pounds will be sufficient and if you wish for a new portable keyboard then one hundred pounds will do it.

These days electronic music keyboards at a price range of up to a hundred pounds have large numbers of functions and if you are buying new, you will almost certainly get what you require as a learner. If instead you are thinking of getting a second-hand keyboard then its worth checking out some useful features your keyboard should have. I have listed a few of these features below and they can make the learning process a little bit easier.

Touch Sensitive Keyboard

As a learner, it is useful to purchase a music keyboard that has a touch sensitive keyboard. This means, the harder you depress the key the louder the sound. If you apply this feature from the very beginning, you will get use to controlling how hard or soft you play the keys.

Full Size Piano Keys

Make sure when you buy your midi keyboard that it has full size piano keys. This is now a standardised size for all keys on a keyboard and a piano. There is absolutely no benefit in purchasing a keyboard with mini keys.

Casio Keyboard Stand

Keyboards stands are an all-important add-on to your midi keyboard. It means you can adjust the height of the stand to suit you and you can leave your keyboard set up in one place. They donít cost a fortune and if you haggle, you might even get one thrown in with the deal. If your looking for a used keyboard, look for a keyboard that comes with a keyboard stand. There are loads of deals like this on websites like eBay.

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