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Here you can find almost any type of used musical instruments you can think of. Use the store navigation on the left to find your preference or use the search facility at the top of this page.

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The most popular selling musical instruments on this site are Electric Musical Instruments. These include used pianos, synth keyboards, home organs, sampling synthesizers and electric guitar kits.

There are literally hundreds of musical instrument sales every day and many cheap musical instruments are missed, not because they sold out fast but because people cant find them.

Its worth browsing through a few listing that you have an interest in and picking the best of a bunch rather than bidding on the first item you see.

To find the musical instrument of your choice, use the navigation on the left. Each section is split in to a main section and sub sections. For example, at the top of the navigation menu, you will see Brass Instruments, this is the main section and appears in bold. Directly below this are the sub sections, thats everything related to the brass instrument family such as used trombones, cornets and trumpets and mouthpieces.

Heres Our Musical Instruments List:

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Roland Atelier AT80SL Organ

There have been many improvements to the Roland Atelier range of organs since the studio series AT-60s/80s/90s. The deluxe models or the so called SL models offer many more features which help the player get the most out of the organ and provide quick access to more registrations.

Cheap Musical Instruments

The rhythm section has been optimized and beefed up considerably and incorporates live co-ordinated drums performed by professional drummers. There is also an extensive search function for the selection of suitable styles. Styles and drums can now be customised and you can add your own preference to the rhythm patterns.
Under the hood there are many new sounds and still more organ sounds (in particular theatre & jazz organ) plus more string, brass, accordions and human voices as well as manual percussion sounds.

In relation to the predecessor the Roland AT80SL possesses a lot more active expression tones which really makes a massive difference when it comes to expressive playing. Also the Quick Registrations button and Music Assistant section helps the player get the most out of this fantastic organ.

Roland Atelier AT80SL Features

Touch-sensitive colour display with DigiScore function
Improved sound quality and many new sounds
56 key upper manual keyboard & 76 key lower manual with Aftertouch
20 note pedalboard
421 sounds
222 internal Styles + 12 on disk
128 polyphony
Improved Arranger with Live Drums Rhythm Customize, Rhythm search function
Music Assistant & Quick Registrations
12 Harmony Intelligence Chord Settings
Connections: MIDI In/Out, audio In/Out (L/Mono, R), AUX Out (L/Mono, R), microphone, computer, headphone, video Out

Roland Atelier top of the range organs are like hens teeth and they dont come up for sale very often. Please check out our Electronic Organs For Sale every day if you want one of these magnificent organs.

Roland Juno D Synthesizer

The Roland Juno D Synthesizer is a low-priced keyboard instrument with modern sounds and professional sound quality. It offers cool features in appearance and simple direct access the Patch selection. The sound of the Juno is absolutely first-class. Including the fine nuances of an acoustic piano sound and the Rhodes electric piano and the stunning string and brass sounds that make Roland stand out from the rest. If you want synthesizer sounds its got that too and the attached editor software makes programming of your own sounds simple.

Cheap Musical Instruments

Roland Juno D Synthesizer Features

Simplest sound selection
Rhythm Guide Metronome
Stage-oriented sound selection
Inclusive editor software
Click/Arpeggio generator
Multi Chord MEMORY function

Technical Data

Keyboard 61 keys (attack dynamic)
Polyphony 64 voices Parts 16
Wave shape memory
64 MT Preset memory
Original-Tones 640 Preset Patches 640 + 66 newly programmed Patches (LE)
Preset Rhythm set 20 Preset performances 32 User Patches 128 User Rhythm set 2 User performances
8 Multi-effects 47, Reverb (8 types), Chorus (8 types)
Rhythm Guide Preset Patterns 32; Speed 5 - 300 BPM
Multi-chord memory Preset chord set 16 x of 12 chords are assigned to each set; User chord set 8 x of 12 chords are assigned to each set

Have a look at our new and used Roland Keyboards and Roland Synthesizers in our Roland Keyboards. Dont delay auctions are ending soon.

The Korg M3 Music Workstation Keyboard

The Korg M3 Workstation is the third of the M series keyboards. The M1 is probably the most recognised of the Korg series. The Korg M3 is available in four flavours, 61 and 73 key which use a standard light keyboard touch, the 88 weighted key version which will suit pro piano players and the module Korg M3 M which is a box without a keyboard.

Korg Internal Sounds
The Korg comes with 512 sounds and there is room to expand the amount of sounds up to 1664. It also comes with 170 effects that can be applied to every sound and if you want even more sounds the M3 also comes with a sampler so you can make your own sounds. There are 32 drum kits built in with room to add another 112.

Used Musical Instruments

Korg are always improving their sound generation chips and always trying to be innovative with sound production and the M3 has the EDS chip using OASYS oscillators and of course their KARMA playing system.

We have a great selection of new and used Korg Keyboards and Workstations in our Korg Keyboard Section. Have a look and pick up a bargain.

Yamaha Clavinova Piano

The Clavinova is probably the most popular electric piano in the world. It is used in many music schools and of course has the necessary requirements for piano learning.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP

Cheap Musical Instruments

Every beginner who is thinking of learning to play a piano rather than an electronic keyboard music opt for the correct specifications which include and 88 key keyboard and weighted keys. On a traditional piano this is the norm, not so with electric pianos. The Yamaha Clavinova has these main important features.

We have a great selection of new and used Clavinova electric pianos in our Yamaha Electric Piano Section. If you are after a bargain there is plenty to choose from.

Casio CTK 4000 Electronic Keyboards

The CTK-4000 is has a 61 key touch sensitive keyboard and comes with over 500 onboard sounds. Digital effects include Reverb and Chorus. It also has a generous amount of rhythms and you can also create your own custom rhythms.

Cheap Musical Instruments

This is a great keyboard for beginners and it includes a lessons function to get you started straight away. There are many more features on this keyboard including sequencer and sampler. The CTK range of keyboards are defiantly worth a look at and you can also find many second hand bargains in our Casio Keyboards section.

Yamaha PSR E413 Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR E413 is another great keyboard from Yamaha which is ideal for beginners. It comes with the Yamaha Education Suite built in to the keyboard. It also comes with Yamahas advanced 61 key touch sensitive keyboard which allows expressive playing.

Cheap Musical Instruments

The Yamaha PSR-E413 is ideal for computer users and has a USB connection which allows songs and setting to be transferred and saved to computer. The E413 comes with over 100 songs built in and more songs can be downloaded from the internet. Of course Yamaha gives you the ability to record your own songs as well and all you do is press one record button and start playing.

With over 500 sounds and 165 Yamaha styles and rhythms plus a host of other features to numerous to mention here, the Yamaha The PSR-E413 Portable Keyboard is the perfect start for any beginner.

Find new and used keyboards in our Yamaha Keyboards section.

Professional keyboard players can look in our Synthesizer Keyboard section

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